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On this page you will find the main menu and on sites there will be a day menu that is only available that day it will change each day We use spices that may contain nuts Please be aware that all meals come with warnings about those affected by Nuts and other allergies
Our aim is to promote the place as a good place to relax and enjoy food and some times entertainment
We have ground floor loo for those that need it and up stairs amble toilets for both Men and ladies
We will be installing a Large TV with a WE game attached to it for younger kids to play games and help families to settle down and enjoy there meals.
Our main aim is that every person who uses the pub gets a good time.
The Pub will allow kids to stay till 9pm and On Friday and Sat nights until 3am there will be a charge of £5. entry after 10pm
Were a DJ will be playing music throw out the evening with a light show

My dishes

All DESSERTS will be made in house

Ice is made in house and our Kitchen will have mainly Vanilla ice cream

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Starters will include soup and Garlic Mushrooms both coming with a home made fresh role

There will be in a day menu and those things Like Steak cooked as you want it and Burgers all meals on standard menu comes with chips

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for 4 unless there are 3 other people.”

Orson Welles

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